For us, everything matters. The temperature of red wine matters, the weight of cutlery matters, the lightness of a mousse matters. But coffee, coffee really matters.

We use Tate Coffee. It’s sourced and roasted by Tom Haig. Tom knows more about coffee than anyone else we have ever met. That’s why we buy our coffee from him.

Tate Coffee is roasted in an old Nissan Hut in the car park of Tate Britain on Millbank. The beans are gently roasted in a Probart roaster, using a combination of classic technique, computer technology and love. The result is a coffee that showcases every octave and nuance of flavour to be found in the beans.

Tate Coffee is both sustainable and ethical. Through their Gender Equality Project, Tate champion the work of female coffee producers. So it’s not just the best coffee we can find, it’s also good for the environment and supports gender equality. That’s win, win, win.

All our coffee for our events is supplied by Tate Coffee.