Butter poached herb-fed chicken, infused with truffle, served with baby leeks, girolles and vin jaune sauce

This dish is all about the chicken. We buy whole herb-fed chicken and cook it in a process designed to reveal every possible nuance of delicious flavour. Every chicken wishes it could taste this good.

We infuse the whole chicken overnight in an intense herbed brine. This process accentuates the natural flavour of the chicken, and helps the meat retain its moisture during cooking.

Once the chicken has been brined, we pipe garlic and truffle butter beneath the skin, then refrigerate to allow the flavours to infuse.

We roast the chicken crowns whole, then carve the breast from the carcass for service. We know of no other caterer that does this – but it is the correct way to cook a chicken, so it’s how we do it.

The drumsticks are confited, then breaded, to make a flavoursome garnish. The chicken is then served with baby leeks, girolles and a truffled potato galette.